5 Health Risks from Long Term Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Health Risk

5 Health Risks from Long Term Alcohol Abuse

Despite there being so much information that is widely accessible regarding alcohol abuse, people still fall into its trap. Alongside the plethora of short-term effects that excessive alcohol can cause, there’s also the more devastating long-term risks that you need to be concerned about.

But, unfortunately, even those that are aware of the long-term risks still can’t stop themselves from consuming alcohol. That’s the unforgiving nature of alcohol addiction, and that’s why rehabilitation programs are so vital. On the other hand, some people just don’t appreciate the seriousness of long-term alcohol abuse. So, here are 5 health risks that accompany substantial alcohol consumption over many years…

Liver Damage

This is one of the more recognized long-term effects, or certainly one that people know most about. You see, your liver is a crucial component of your body’s filtering process, and it can be difficult to filter alcohol from the blood. So, if you constantly bombard your liver with alcohol, it will eventually stop being able to cope. If you then continue to consume alcohol, it can lead to a condition known as cirrhosis, which often requires a liver transplant to keep you alive.

Brain Disorders

Another health risk of long-term alcohol abuse is the destruction of valuable brain cells. Most people associate brain cells with intelligence, but that is far from the case. If you keep allowing alcohol to kill brain cells, it can result in an array of different disorders, and also a reduction in mental or physical performance. Some of them can sometimes be hard to identify, so it’s important that you take proactive measures.


Your pancreas is another organ in the body that alcohol attacks, and it does so in an aggressive manner which can cause pancreatitis. If the small gland behind your stomach becomes extremely inflamed, then it can cause a ton of nerve damage and other health issues, as well as death. It can be treated, but if you’re alcohol dependant and you continue to consume significant amounts, then it can only get worse.


Cancer is something that the whole population wishes didn’t exist, as it kills so many people every single year. Now, although there aren’t ways to fully protect you from the deadly disease, there are things you can do to reduce your chances. One of those is to limit alcohol consumption, as long-term alcohol abuse can increase your risk of developing some sort of cancer. This is of course in the more severe cases, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Ultimately, the worst scenario that overconsumption of alcohol lead to is death. Along with all of the disorders that you could develop, there’s also tolerance that you’d need to battle. Tolerance means your body will be able to handle larger amounts of alcohol, without experiencing the short-term effects to halt the drinking. This is extremely dangerous, and if the severe conditions listed above don’t cause death, then significant consumption in one go might.

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